What do I need for this course?

You'll need the following items for this course:

  1. Your own Noteflight account (free!)
  2. A YCIW account (also free!)

Noteflight Account

Noteflight is a revolutionary web application that allows users to compose in a web browser. It's like Finale or Sibelius but each score is a web page. What makes it even more awesome and great for teachers is that each score is shareable just like a Google Doc.
To sign up for your own Noteflight account visit Noteflight.com and click sign up. If you already have your own Noteflight account you may use that!

YCIW Account

You'll need to sign up at our main website yciw.net in order to access the community forum and to view some of the other course material. Don't worry it is easy and totally free!

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