How will this course work?

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This course is designed to help you, the teacher, explore the process of bringing music composition to your classroom for all of your students. You'll create your own composition using the Young Composers & Improvisors Workshop curriculum just as your students will. (They will be using a separate Learning Management System that contains all assignments, assessments and Noteflight activity scores.) Along the way you will take part in conversation and feedback to help gain insights into how best to implement the curriculum and explore some of the challenges that often arise. Best of all, you will have an opportunity to share your ideas and expertise for improving the process!

When should I take this course?

Take It Anytime!

Feel free to take this course anytime. It's a great preparation for teachers interested in participating in Young Composers & Improvisors Workshop for the first time.

Take it While You are Teaching Your Students!

Much of the feedback and support from other teachers will be invaluable while you are working with your students. Think of this course as your own support system for implementing the YCIW curriculum. You'll also want to share your own thoughts and experiences about each lesson as you are teaching them. What worked? What was challenging? What did you discover? etc. Many teachers take this course while they simultaneously take part in Young Composers & Improvisors Workshop.

If you would like information on receiving the YCIW curriculum and lms for your students submit a request here.

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