A very useful app allowing students to play the musical staff as an instrument. An important tool for every part of the YCIW curriculum. Also great for student modeling of various melodic and harmonic structures. There is a free and paid version. Playpad


Excellent app for performing a chord progression and a diatonic melody simultaneously. An intuitive way for students to play chord tones based on scale degrees. inHarmony


Similar to inHarmony with its ability to perform chords and melodies simultaneously. Chordion offers slightly less control in terms of melodic note choices. Also a great MIDI controller when used with OSC. Chordion

The Orchestra

A great teacher tool for demonstrating many aspects of orchestration. Teacher can play a number of selections displaying score and audio simlutaneously. Tap and hold the screen to momentarily discuss characteristics of the notation etc. The Orchestra


An app for transforming hand writen notation into exportable formatted notation. NotateMe

Music Works- iBook

A free iBook called Music Works is ideal for exploring the Music Works 1 and Music Works 2 curriculum on an iPad. Teachers may find this a valuable resource for demonstrations and examples in a classroom setting. You can find Music Works on the iBooks store here.

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