A large component of the curriculum is experienced using Noteflight. For general info visit If you are taking part in YCIW you will access our private Noteflight site at:


A wonderful resource for analyzing and creating chord progressions. It is also very effective at helping students experience the relationship between melody and harmony. Be sure to visit the Theorytab section.


Still in developemnt, Aqwertyon is already a powerful tool for allowing melodic and harmonic performance by using a computer keyboard. Utilizing an intuitive design allows students to approach the alpha-numeric keyboard as a real instrument. Created by Alex Ruthman at NYU's MusedLab.


GoSoapbox is the best web (and iOS) application for engaging an entire class in a dialogue or assessment. We've used other apps in this category but GoSoabox is the one we like the best. You can quickly take class polls, create quizzes and exit tickets. One of our favorite things to do using GoSoapbox is to ask students to give feedback on what they are hearing or seeing. For example, "what kind of texture is this composer using?"... or, "What are the three letters that make up this chord?" etc.

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