More Melodies

Next compose your own original melody that has a smooth melodic shape. Click the button below and follow the directions on the Noteflight score.

Create an Original Melody

What about Rhythm?:

We have not made any mention of rhythm so far! The idea that a melody needs to be singable can help students make choices that are also playable by instruments. (Important later on!) As an experienced musician you likely composed your melody while simultaneously conceiving of the rhythm you wanted. Most young students will gain rhythmic fluency by experimenting with different rhythms in Notelfight and hearing them back.

Classroom Activity

Working in pairs using classroom instruments, iPads or band instruments students should compose and perform a short melody of 4 to 6 notes. The melody should use mostly steps. Student A and Student B can either play the same melody or create their own melody that they teach to each other. Melodies should be shared with the class. Before each class performance ask the entire class to listen for a smooth melodic shape.


Leave a comment on the topic about this lesson step here: Feedback What do you think might happen when your students attempt this step? If you are doing this with your students let us know how it went!

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