Leaps = Consonance or Dissonance?

As you may have noticed there is another option for adding a harmony note. Instead of a Step or a Skip you could of course add a note that is a Leap above or below the melody note. The Leap that we are concerned about here is not simply "anything more than a skip." These leaps are intervals that are 2 Skips or a Skip plus a Step. These intervals, if flipped, can be seen as a skip.

For example:

C below G (2 Skips) could be spelled as G below C (Skip plus a Step). For simplicity let's refer to this Leap interval only as 2-Skips.

While 2-Skips do not sound so much like a clash they are more ambiguous than a Skip. We will treat 2-Skips as dissonances not because they clash but because they are too "open" sounding. Apply the same rules to 2-Skips as you would to Steps:

  • Resolve a 2-Skip interval to a Skip interval on the very next note.

  • Do not have two 2-Skip intervals in a row.

  • Do not leap to a 2-Skip interval.


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